Founded in 2007, Applied Technology Methods and Practices (ATMP Solutions), a Michigan-based company, has a proven model to assist companies of all sizes in the implementation of IT Security Framework and Processes.

ATMP works with clients using a direct and collaborative approach with a focus on self-sufficiency.  While compliance is a critical component, the true objective is to protect sensitive and confidential information assets.

The roots of our methodology and expertise lie in the implementation of HIPAA Privacy and Security Practices.  As federal regulations, client expectations, and technology have evolved, Covered Entities and Business Associates alike are mandated to comply with higher security standards for electronic protected health information (ePHI), such as medical records and patient billing. Recognizing these challenges, ATMP Solutions provides critical services to help these organizations assess their security risks and manage compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), and the HIPAA Consolidated Omnibus (HCO).  This methodology translates well to companies of all sizes and industries.

Often times, in an effort to meet these expectations, our clients are attempting to develop and implement an IT Privacy and Security Framework. Additionally, our Business Associate clients are often required to provide proof of HIPAA compliance and the necessary IT Security due diligence to the Covered Entities or other clients they service.

Conducting business in the Health Care Industry often requires the sharing of information with business partners.  Performing the necessary due care and due diligence in a Vendor Risk Management framework allows our customer to gain a better understanding of their own Privacy and Security posture as it extends to these links in the supply chain.

ATMP Solutions delivers an automated approach to evaluating compliance and a tool-kit that is second-to-none in the remediation and risk management process.

Our goal is to establish a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with every client, employee, and business partner. Our methodologies, leadership, talent base, flexibility, and integrity make ATMP Solutions the clear choice as a partner for your Privacy and Security Framework efforts.

The management and delivery teams at ATMP Solutions bring years of audit and compliance, Healthcare IT implementation, information technology leadership, and project management experience to each client engagement. Additionally, we are recognized as a thought leader in the area of pervasive HIPAA, HITECH, and HCO compliance.

ATMP Solutions has access to an outstanding network and the industry’s best HIPAA, IT Security, and industry specific talent. We consider the applicable utilization of sound and talented professionals an absolute necessity to deliver a sound IT Privacy and Security solution.

Integrity builds trust and trust builds relationships. You will find that our relationship driven model is affordable, flexible, and helps you find the value of your Information Technology, IT Security, and compliance investments. Additionally, while we maintain a sound network of business partners, insurance companies, and health systems, we remain independent advocates of every client.